Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is this place and why is my art here?
  • Is it possible to remain anonymous on this website? What benefits do I get from registering?
  • Who runs this site?
  • How can I help out on the site?
  • Is DrakonyART affiliated with any other sites?
  • Why I cannot login to chat or forum using same login and password as here?

Rule Explanations

  • Rule 0: What does apparent only purpose being to incite anger, argument, or controversy mean?
  • Rule 0: What does harass mean?
  • Rule 0: What is discrimination?
  • Rule 7: What is graphic or highly controversial?

Images, Tags, and Sources

  • What are tags?
  • What tags should I add to an image?
  • Can I add any tag I want to images?
  • Who can edit tags and the source URL on an image?
  • How do I update images?
  • What is the difference between favorites and votes?


  • How do I get badges?
  • I'm an artist, where's my badge?
  • What are user links?
  • How do I delete my account?
  • How do I rename my account?
  • Someone registered an account name I want to use and isn't using it, can I have it?

Bans and Deletions

  • When I try to post an image it tells me my IP is high risk!
  • Why am I banned? How do I appeal it?
  • Why was my upload deleted?

Technical Questions

  • Why do I keep getting logged out?
  • What is 'philomena'?
  • What was 'booru-on-rails'?

Takedowns and Do-Not-Post Requests

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